DIY Garage Organization: Tips for Storing Your Extension Ladder

DIY Garage Organization Tips for Storing Your Extension Ladder


A cluttered and disorganized garage can be a source of frustration for many homeowners. One common item that often contributes to garage clutter is the extension ladder. These versatile tools are essential for various tasks but can be challenging to store efficiently.Garage Organization

With a little creativity and some DIY solutions, you can free up valuable space and keep your extension ladder organized in your garage. In this article, we’ll provide you with 700 words of tips and ideas to help you achieve a well-organized garage.

Wall-Mounted Ladder Storage:

One of the most effective ways to store an extension ladder in your garage is by using wall-mounted brackets. These brackets can be easily attached to your garage walls and offer a secure and space-saving solution. Here’s how to do it:

a. Measure and mark the location for the brackets, ensuring they are spaced to accommodate the width of your ladder.

b. Use anchors and screws to secure the brackets to the wall.

c. Hang your extension ladder securely on the brackets.

Ceiling Hooks and Pulleys:

Ceiling hooks and pulleys allow you to hoist your ladder up and out of the way. Here’s how to set up this system:

a. Locate the appropriate ceiling joists using a stud finder to ensure your ladder is well-supported.

b. Screw in heavy-duty hooks into the ceiling joists at a distance slightly wider than your ladder’s width.

c. Attach a pulley system to the hooks, with ropes or cables connected to your ladder.

d. Use the pulleys to lift the ladder off the ground and secure it in place.

Ladder Hangers:

Ladder hangers are specially designed storage systems that can be mounted on your garage walls. They often have hooks or arms to hold the ladder securely. To use ladder hangers:

a. Install the hangers on your garage wall, ensuring they are well-anchored.

b. Hang the ladder by resting its rungs on the hooks or arms of the hangers.

c. Some hangers also have straps or bungee cords to provide additional security.

Ladder Racks:

Ladder racks are versatile storage systems that can be installed in your garage or even on the exterior of your house. They are particularly useful if you have multiple ladders. Follow these steps to set up a ladder rack:

a. Mount the rack on the wall or the exterior of your garage.

b. Slide your extension ladder into the rack’s slots or brackets.

c. Ensure the ladder is securely fastened and won’t fall.

DIY Ladder Stand:

If you enjoy DIY projects, you can create a custom ladder stand using lumber and a few basic tools. Here’s how:

a. Measure the length of your ladder and cut two vertical supports from 2×4 lumber.

b. Create a horizontal base by attaching another 2×4 piece at the bottom.

c. Attach angled supports on the sides to form an A-frame structure.

d. Securely fasten the A-frame to the garage wall or floor.

e. Rest your ladder on the A-frame, ensuring it’s stable and well-supported.

Sliding Ladder Storage:

For garages with limited space, consider a sliding ladder storage system. This setup allows you to slide your ladder in and out of its storage location. Here’s how to create one:

a. Install horizontal rails on your garage walls, ensuring they are level.

b. Attach sliding brackets to your ladder, which can easily move along the rails.

c. Slide the ladder into place when not in use and pull it out when needed.

Ladder Hooks and Pegboard:

Pegboards are excellent for organizing various tools, and you can use them to store your extension ladder as well. Follow these steps:

a. Install a pegboard on your garage wall.

b. Use large hooks to hang your ladder securely on the pegboard.

c. Ensure the hooks are placed at the appropriate height and spacing for your ladder.

Adjustable Ladder Storage:

An adjustable ladder storage system allows you to accommodate ladders of different sizes. Here’s how to create one:

a. Install a horizontal rail on your garage wall.

b. Attach adjustable ladder brackets to the rail.Garage Organization

c. Adjust the brackets to fit the size of your ladder and secure it in place.


A well-organized garage not only makes your life more convenient but also extends the lifespan of your tools, including your extension ladder. By choosing the right storage solution and implementing these

DIY garage organization tips, you can ensure that your ladder is easily accessible when needed and safely stowed away when not in use.

Whether you opt for wall-mounted brackets, ceiling hooks, ladder hangers, or custom DIY solutions,

the key is to create a system that works for your space and needs. A tidy garage is a happy garage, and with these storage ideas, you’ll be well on your way to achieving just that.