Fast Door Unlocking Services In West London

Fast Door Unlocking Services In West London

Are you in need of a fast door unlocking service in West London? Got locked out because your key was broken in lock and have no solution? You can be sure that everyone has been there. While you’re fumbling with your keys, something horrible occurs! The key broke off in the lock, leaving you stuck. You must decide your next course of action. W Locksmith is here to help with a solution if you wish to solve things faster. 

Here’s how it can go: should things worsen, it splits in two, leaving you with a tiny bit of metal and a great deal of anxiety! We’re going to discuss the best strategies for swiftly getting back on track and getting out of these difficult circumstances! Get help as soon as possible and prevent making it worse. W Locksmith will offer solutions around the clock.

How to Take Out If the Broken Lock Key Sticks Out 

Are you locked out and had you key broken into the lock? It is frustrating when a key breaks in a lock. Also, getting locked out of your house or losing you key is another pretty constant issue. Fortunately, solutions exist and you can resolve the issue quickly. Try and remove the broken key by using the following methods or simple get in touch with a locksmith right now. THeir emergency services will definitely cover a broken lock key that sticks out situation. 

Action to take when a broken key sticks out from a lock:

  1. Try Some Lubricants 

Lowering the friction in the lock is one potential fix. After applying the proper lock lubricant—graphite powder, for example—take out the key. If this works maybe a locksmith should come and check the lock, so you can be sure it won’t happen again. 

  1. Pull Out Key By Using Tweezers

Of course, you can try using tweezers to extract a protruding key from a lock. This is the simplest method of getting the key out. in case a broken key extraction is possible. Try and find good tweezers or anything that can retain the key. You are lucky, this will do the work and you might be able to use the lock again.

If The Broken Key In The Lock Does Not Protrude, How Can It Be Removed?

  1. If possible, utilise the Key Extractor Kit

If the key is not visible, using a key extractor kit is an easy and inexpensive way to remove a broken key from a lock. These kits include multiple hooks, depending on the type of lock. Carefully insert the tool and adhere to the kit’s instructions.

After inserting, use your tool to hook onto the broken key. After that, carefully remove the broken key. If you don’t have a key extractor kit, you can complete this process with a small jigsaw blade. Make use of the blade’s serrations, or pointed portions, as hooks. It is now possible to use it to extract the broken key.

  1. Take Lock Apart

Some DIY knowledge is required for this method and a locksmith could be the best answer for this task. Remove the lock cover after unscrewing the handle. Now there ought to be a lock cylinder visible. Remove it by taking out any more screws that are needed. Now that you have the broken key in your possession, you can easily remove it.

For a more precise lock and key solution and a bigger chance to keep using the original lock after this incident, reach out to the locksmith and have a call out. 

Getting Expert Assistance

W Locksmith is a professional locksmith business situated in West London ready to offer assistance 24 hours. The goal of the company is to provide trustworthy and efficient locksmith services for anyone looking for help with thor door lock and key. Rest assured, these highly skilled professionals can handle any problem and swiftly fix your lock. 

Of course, in certain situations, the security solutions mentioned earlier might not be effective even with all efforts taken. For instance, you might require the required tools or a certain type of lock. Moreover, depending on the circumstances, it might also be a little difficult work. Here, you ought to get in touch with a qualified locksmith.

Think about getting in touch with a professional locksmith the next time your keys get jammed in a lock. W Locksmith has knowledgeable staff always available to assist you.


If you have door lock issues, don’t hesitate to get a locksmith over. Anyone can end up in a situation where their key breaks in a lock at any time. If you had the necessary instruments to extract the key or disassemble the lock, you can try it yourself as well, but not everyone will be able to accomplish these tasks without a proper training. 

You can contact W Locksmith to assist you and offer a fast solution. W Locksmith are experts when it comes to repairing door locks. They offer expert locksmith services around the clock. Get in touch and we will provide prompt, hassle-free service anytime in West London and the surrounding areas.